This is the personal website of @xtfer.

I am a digital services consultant, specialising in enterprise-grade and government-grade CMS, web application and digital publishing projects. I speak, consult and advise regularly on such issues as:

  • Supporting business change through digital solutions
  • Solving public sector challenges in an online environment
  • Tackling complex digital publishing problems
  • Innovative user experience
  • Security, compliance and reliability in digital platforms
  • Universal access strategies
  • Enterprise Drupal strategy and development
  • Getting the most from your digital environment

While I am well-known for my experience with Drupal, the world’s leading open source CMS, my expertise also touches on all aspects of the digital business model, including:

  • Digital business strategies
  • Exploiting the digital economy
  • Security and compliance
  • Universal access
  • Cybersecurity
  • Content marketing
  • Open innovation
  • Cloud-hosting
  • Digital intelligence
  • SEO
  • Semantic technologies

My experience includes the government, education, not-for-profit, and media/publishing sectors.

My other interests include archaeology, classic and vintage automobiles, landscape design, and modern art and architecture.

I live in Canberra, Australia.


I have extensive experience planning, implementing and working with Drupal. With more than 8 years in public sector projects, I am one of them most experienced Drupal professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. I help coordinate DrupalACT and DrupalSouth, and founded the highly successful DrupalGov Canberra conference.


I speak regularly on open source technologies (including Drupal), user experience, and other related topics, and also work regularly as a trainer. If you would like to invite me to present, please use one of the contact options below…

Find me

I can be found on the following sites:


  • Nutmeg: a tool for PHP educators
  • KeyParty: A PHP key/value store wrapper, with built in flat-file JSON store
  • Nighthawk: a lightweight tool for building small PHP sites
  • Vultan: a PHP wrapper and simple ORM for MongoDB
  • My contributions to Drupal on
  • I am also currently product lead for aGov

Hire me

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